Stilcurvi, from the components to the finished product…

A continuous evolution of  technology and esthetic


Our team… Your satisfaction

Stilcurvi operates in different markets, satisfying either Customers who need components for their own furniture and Customers who require a turnkey product.


Our mission is Your satisfaction

The foremost italian and foreign Companies rely on Stilcurvi, finding in ourselves an assurance of design and quality.
Our goal is transforming the designer’s idea into the finished product, aiming at meeting our Customers’ requirements.

Market research

The future lies in the research: materials, finishes, technological innovation…
Stilcurvi is continuously seeking new ideas, which are proposed to the Customers only after having been meticulously tested and technically checked.

Technological development

Stilcurvi is very receptive to the change, constantly striving for a greater efficiency and looking for the best technological applications.


30 years of history, growth and know-how to ensure our Customers they have chosen a truly reliable Partner.


From the idea to the proposal… till the final solution: concreteness in innovating efficiently.

Quality control

Shared responsibility and a cohesive team of experts to ensure the best in our products.

Packaging / Logistics

Customized packaging according to the final applications of the products and the different countries served: in Stilcurvi nothing is left to chance.

After-Sales service

For us a new model or a new project are not a point of arrival but on the contrary the starting point of a path to undertake alongside our Customers.

A history of tradition and quality

Stilcurvi has been working for over 30 years in the furniture business, focusing mainly on curved doors, curved accessories and panels in different finishes and shapes, striving to satisfy all Customer’s needs, offering its know-how with method, commitment, integrity and coherence.

Since 1986 we have been combining the craft wisdom  rooted in our region with cutting-edge technologies in order to transform the extraordinary italian manual skills and creativity into products that represents the state of the art in terms of technology and quality.

Stilcurvi has been designing and producing components, assembled furniture and solutions for the Contract sector for over 30 years, always paying great attention to the details throughout the whole production process, from the design stage to the delivery to the end Customer.

The entire production process takes place within the Company’s facilities, which cover an area of more than 40,000 m2 and can rely on over 150 employees, ensuring to our Customers concrete and innovative solutions.

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